CGSULIT SC530 Ford/ Mercury/ Lincoln Scan Tool All System Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner with Active Test

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excelente relación precio - valor

Una excelente inversión que te hace ahorrar dinero, al detectar las fallas sin tener que ir a un taller, el precio es bastante razonable, sin embargo lo único que le faltaría es un estuche para llevarlo. lo use en varias marcas de carro y funciono muy bien, en ford, chevrolet, honda, etc

Allen Banks
ABS . Traction control

I have a 2010 Ford. There are many issues that come up with my car. This is helped me solve many of these problems. One of the problems that I would have is with the ABS system and traction control. This unit helped me solve a lot of the problems that I have with it allowing me to reset the system and also help bleed the brakes. The bi-directional scanner helps with other things to helping locate the problem and to address the situation quickly.


I went back and forth between getting this or paying over twice as much for the IID Gap tool for diagnostics on my Land Rover LR3. The GAP tool may be more powerful but you should really ask yourself if you need that level of capability. This SC530 is more than adequate for me which is just to fix my LR3 when it breaks. I can read codes on all of the Land Rover specific modules, clear faults, view live data, and one of the best features is the live data graphs. It also supports a lot of functions needed for service like deflating the air system, calibrating ride height, and programming keys.

The IID Gap tool costs almost twice as much and is locked to a single VIN#. So you are paying a ton of money for something that will only work on one specific vehicle. So I can take this Land Rover version, buy the Ford software and now tap into all the Ford modules. This is a HUGE benefit.

Christopher M Hodges
Great tool for the price.

Used primary for one Ford vehicle, has helped in diagnosis on many other brands. Available library is impressive and up to date.

John Brunner
Ok so far

The unit does not indicate it is a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury tool, but it did connect to our Ford F-150. It recognized the vehicle so far so good. The vehicle that prompted the purchase is in the shop correcting a fault. Once we get it back we I’ll be better able to give a review.

Good scanner for the price!

Good scanner to get me better piece of mind before taking my F350 to get repairs done.


Works like you would expect a scanner to work.

Jennifer S.
It worked as expected.

Used it on a 2010 Ford fusion. Code showed coil number three needed to be replaced. My 18 year old daughter helped change the coil and she was back on the road.


After the car dealership said they wanted to charge me $169 just to read me out an error code, I said screw that and bought this device. Not only is it easy to use, it'll tell you exactly what the error is. No reason to look up any codes. Just find the plug (usually under the steering column), plug this device in, turn your key in the ignition to on, and let it do its thing. It will tell you exactly what the error is and allow you to erase it.

The only thing I really need this for was reading codes and removing them, so the pesky engine light would go off. I have a 2006 Ford Fusion SEL v6 and this device works perfectly for it. I've got one of the genius idea (sarcasm) no-cap gas mechanisms, which has a tiny slit in the rubber due to deterioration, so a lot of times when I would fill up it would turn the check engine light on and this device said I had a small evap leak. I've since worked around the issue, but I've used this device to turn off the check engine light multiple times, and then used it on someone else's vehicle, so it's definitely worth the cost. This OBD II scanner should work on any car sold in the US from 1996 on.

Does what I needed it to.

Haven't put in much work on this yet, but I bought to troubleshoot my 2015 Ford. Read the description of the product, and it did exactly what it said it could do (in this case being Read and Clear codes). Thank you so much

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