CGSULIT SC530 GM(Chevrolet/ Buick) All System OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Machine Bi-directional Scan Tool

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Chuck Wolf
Great product - exactly what I needed!

Had to change the brakes on our 2018 Chevy Equinox which has the dreaded pull lever for the parking brake. I watch a couple videos of the manual way and the scanner way and went with the scanner way so that I didn't break something important and screw it up.

The screen shots are what it took to get to where I needed and the rest was pretty easy. All told start to finish took me an hour to change the front and rear and have the electronic parking break set properly.

Will be getting the software for my F-150 next since it also has the electric parking brake.

Buy with confidence as this tool will do the job needed.

Everyone should have one, seriously.

Paid for itself in one use. I had a check engine light come on on my 2016 GMC Canyon and figured I’d get one of these and see if I could take care of the problem myself. The dealership charges a diagnostic fee even if it’s a warranty claim. Hooked it up and within 5 minutes cleared the code which was a simple evap code for the gas cap. Remote start now works again as a result of clearing it.
Simple to use and sure to save you money if it works just once.

Just what I needed.

I have a 2007 GMC Yukon with a 5.3 flex fuel engine. On the first start every day it would idle low and rough and blow some black smoke like it was flooded for a few seconds. I learned there's a known problem with the system that detects alcohol content in the fuel where it starts indicating higher levels over time. This needs to be reset to solve the problem. After looking at several much more expensive tools I saw the reviews on this one where people said they were able to reset their alcohol content and long term fuel trim readings so I ordered it. Sure enough, my Yukon was showing 70 percent alcohol in the fuel even though it's never had anything over 10% put in it. I was able to easily reset it and now my Yukon starts and idles perfectly every time. I was also able to track down a problem with my cruise control and got it working again with a $30.00 part. I had previously paid $85.00 to have it "diagnosed" and told the repair would be over $1000.00. I definitely recommend this scan tool.

Ralph Serafinowicz
Works great.

Scanner arrived fast. Works great, used to put the parking brake system in service mode then to calibrate it after the pads were replaced. It made the job much easier. Looking forward to exploring the many more options this scanner provides.

Christian Gentry
Excellent product and value

This device allows full access to view/diagnose coded but also let's you perform bidirectional tasks such as system relearns.

SC530 GM Scanner Calibrated Brake Pedal Position Sensor for 2008 GMC Acadia

I needed to calibrate a newly installed brake pedal position sensor on my 2008 GMC Acadia so the brake lights and cruise control would work properly. I did a lot of research online and found that the CGSULIT SC530 for GM was the least expensive tool that had the capability to calibrate or "Relearn" the Brake Pedal Position Sensor on a General Motors (GM) car. 1) Plug in and turn the key to the on position.2) Scroll to "GM" & press Enter.3)Enter "SmartVIN" &wait for data load.4)Enter YES to confirm information correct 5) It then asked if Air Condtioning was Automatic or Manual and I entered Manual and wait for data to load. 6) Select&enter Control Modules & wait for data load7) Select&enter Body Control Module 8) Scroll to "Special Funtions" and enter 9) Select BPP Sensor Calibration & enter 10) Do not apply brake pedal during procedure & place transmission in Park. Press F3(OK) 11. When it says Procedure Complete press F3(OK) and your done. If you want to see live data on the brake pedal just press "BACK" and select "Live Data". I am pleased with the results and would recommend this product to others.

Scott Bousfield
Great device to scan and control many functions of your vehicle plus a comprehensive "code" reader.

I was looking for a device that would retract, extend and recalibrate my electronic parking brakes so I could continue performing my own brake maintenance. The SC530 does this with ease and is capable of doing a lot more than a simple scan tool. Just make sure your vehicle is compatible with the scan tool before purchasing. The customer service I received was well beyond my expectations.

J in VA
good value

Very good product at a good price. Gives information as to what the code means so it saves you the step of having to look up the code on the internet.

Mark S
Easy to use and great bargain!

I keep it in my truck from now on. It saved me a tow to the mechanic. Unfortunately, the part I put in was an aftermarket and not OEM, which caused huge issues. In no way, does that take away from this reader. If anything, this reader came just in time for me to find out that the part I put in was actually bad.

I recommend this reader. Saves time. Easy to use.

Reset fuel composition on my 2012 Silverado 4.8l flex fuel

Was having a hard start/sometimes no start on my 2012 Silverado 4.8l flex fuel. Once it was warm it ran perfectly fine. I was getting PO172 and PO175 codes with a cheap scanner. Changed and checked all the usual suspects (MAF, MAP, engine coolant temp sensor, O2 sensors). None of this worked. After doing a lot of research on GM forums and YouTube, found that sometimes the alcohol% will gradually increase over time (for no reason). I’ve never put in E85 (ethanol fuel in my truck). I called around a lot of Shops around me to see if they had a scan tool that can reset this (most didn’t know what I was talking about or didn’t have a scan tool capable of this). Once I plugged in this scanner it was reading 45% alcohol content, should be below 10%. This CGSULIT SC530 was able to reset the alcohol% and now it fires right up and was able to clear all codes. Saved me a ton of money not having to take it to a dealership, now I have a awesome scan tool that can do everything a dealer level scan tool can do for only $200!!!!!!

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