CGSULIT SC530 Subaru All System OE-Level Diagnostic Scanner Tool OBDII Code Reader with Active Test

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Does most of what high dollar scanner/programmers at dealers do

Second one I’ve used, I give them to buyers if I sell the cars, since they are invaluable. They take a little research and learning how to use, as they are confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you can program your Subaru. Dealers cost around $160+ just to hook up to computer, so this pays for itself very soon. If you have air suspension this is a must have.

Ana Milena Lombana Camacho

Demasiado útil

Easy to Use

This was a great product and easy to use. I am not a mechanically inclined person, but the instructions where very clear. I was able to diagnose why my check engine light was on within minutes of plugging it in. I would recommend this product for anyone that needs something very simple to use.

Five stars

Outstanding I’ve used it on my Mercedes my Subaru my Chevrolet suburban. Reads every code will even test voltage love this tool.

Excellent scanner!

Short version- I love this scanner.
Lot to cover here.
This is probably the nicest home mechanic scanner I have ever used. It can scan both OBD and ABS,EVAP system, battery/alternator testing, has a quick scan feature for troubleshooting check engine lights. Uses full English throughout all of the menus. Has real time live data scan which creates a line graph for the data with the click of a button. It has a beautiful color display, is fairly easy to use. It has so many amazing features! As it reads your cars data, it shows the VIN, model, etc. then it also shows you issues and likely parts that will need to be replaced based on your year and mileage, offering a great insight into your vehicle health. I bought this because my ‘14 Subaru Forester XT threw an ABS light.It can read the ABS on my 2017 Toyota RAV4 though. Bottom line, go ahead and give this one a go. Well worth the extra money you’re paying. You are working on your car to save money. This will be your best friend. Buy it and try it!

Good value for what it does

I had a good idea that one of my wheel speed sensors was bad. Not knowing which one I had 2 choices to find out.
(1) Take it to a auto repair shop and pay to have it diagnosed. (2) Buy a tool that will diagnose the problem and any others I might have. Well needless to say, I chose the lateral. So glad I did. Hooked up device and within a few minutes it told me my drivers side wheel sensor is bad.
I hooked it up to my wife’s car and found out the battery is bad. I occasionally check our batteries but with this tool you can do it setting in your car. I will be running all the test it offers.

luis santiago
Great in getting info before going to a Mechanic

it is a great product to have and helps me diagnosing the issue and get parts I need to fix it myself before going to the mechanic. I would recommend it.

chris riggle
Amazing tool for diagnosing the problem

I’m not a technical guy but it’s easy to use and read. I wise it tells you what each should be and not just what they are but I guess I’d have to be ase certified to understand that ha ha

Ruth Frame
Great product hands down

Excellent product I would recommend this to all my friends easy to use accurate on the codes!

Gabriella Velazquez
Extremely good product

I resolved numerous problems wit my cars and save money in repairs

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