CGSULIT SC530 Full System Auto Scan Tool OE-Level Diagnostic for Specific Make OBD2 Scanner with Bi-Directional Control

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Joe in NYC
Dollar-for-Dollar, Most Capable Scan Tool on the Market

This review is for the SC530, for which I purchased on cgsulit's site and added software coverage for Mercedes, BMW, and VW/Audi. This review is independent—I paid for these units without any reimbursement. I am not a mechanic, in fact, I’m a psychotherapist for little kids, and a shade-tree enthusiast. It is an amazing time to be alive when so many GenZ and GenX people are ‘Makers’ and ‘Fixers’ and companies like CGSULIT are producing equipment to support that cultural shift!
Since the pros, far, far outweigh the cons--I'll start with the cons------
1. This is a text-based scanner. You have to click through lines of functions and options with mechanical buttons below the small low-definition screen. No touchscreen, not intuitive. Because of it’s basic-ness it only functions off of the car’s battery through the OBD port, when cycling power or unplugging, you will need to reboot the unit each time.
2. There is a basic required knowledge of mechanic-lingo, brand-specific lingo, and in the case of German cars—an ability to muddle-through the German language.
3. This is truly bi-direction —and with that, introduces risk for getting too deep with changes (unmarrying a transmission ECU with the unit, could cost a grand to tow to a dealer for reprogramming!). Beginners can use this—but don’t just mash buttons!
4. Software requires purchase for each cluster of makes. The SC530 always comes with one make of your choice, but if you add for instance, Mercedes/Maybach/Smart/Sprinter package—some makes are more, some are less. (Although it may surprise you, this is also listed as a pro below.
5. Though some features show as bi-directionally accessible through the car’s computer, in my experience, some of these features time-out and don’t actually function across-the-board. Since they update the software regularly, I think you can report functionality issues and hope for it to be addressed in future updates.
Now for the Pros------
1. True Bidirectional scanner. There are no sub $200 scanners---let me rephrase that--- there are no sub $600 scanners that have this feature. Bi-directionality is what makes working on European cars possible. Replace an injector in your 2013 Mercedes, it needs to be recoded—replace the battery in your 2007 7-series Bimmer—it needs to be registered. It is outrageous the simple shade-tree tasks that have to be done at a dealer because you don’t have OE-level Bi-directionality. This scanner is a freak—it literally should not have this capability at this price point. Search any enthusiast forum for Euro cars—this is essential kit from Porsche to Jaguar.
2. You purchase the software for each make (listed above as a Con as well) and own the support and updates for life. Let’s say you buy an Autel MP808k for $799.00. The Autel unit covers every make essentially for that price, it’s certainly bi-directional, more intuitive, touch screen, has internal batter, and about a hundred other benefits. Problem is—it’s about $350 each and every year to update the software—and you can’t just use outdated software to do most of the bi-directional functions like ECU coding or sensor relearning. The cgsulit SC530 is lifetime free updates, which is absolutely crazy and literally the only way to get this support for this price.
3. The cost. Although this is addressed in pro-1, I have to reemphasize the pricepoint. At sub$180, you should only be able to buy something better than a Pepboys code reader. I can’t emphasize enough that the SC530 should not exist with this price, upgradeability cost, or list of functions.
I have had this unit since June of 2020—at the time of this review, approaching two years. I have purchased the above-listed Autel and also an Ancel FX9000 within that timeframe. Those units certainly have benefits over the SC530—but I only consider the SC530 to be the essential scanner within this list.

Joe Alexander

Great device for less

I work in automotive repair service. Fir the last couple of years I have been using other products by CGSULIT that worked more than what I expected to. Therefore I decided to give this new product a try. Amazingly this convinient device can check ABS, airbag and few other parts exactly as my $1500 device does. Great purchase for the money!

Great Basic Scanner

This is a basic scanner but still has a lot of functions that many others do not.
The scanner is easy to set up and use and feels nice in you're hand.
The screen is clear and easy to read and the buttons have a good feel to them.
For the price this is my favorite basic scanner.

Paid for itself with one use.

I have a 2011 Honda CR-V which I recently bought used with 106k miles on it. Ran great. Well-maintained. Solid Honda. During one oil change I thoroughly cleaned the throttle body since I had no idea when this had last been done and it's something I will do to all my vehicles usually at least once a year. In this case it caused subtle changes in it's driveability including AT shifting. Eventually the slightly higher idle speed and slight surging of the engine when braking to a stop were clues that it could all be traced back to a miscalibrated throttle position sensor and me learning that this recalibration needs to be done on Honda's 2.4L after anything is done with the throttle body. The solution is simple, either go to a honda dealer and pay them to use their Honda scan tool to reset the sensor or buy your own scan tool and do it yourself. And evidently this is the only consumer level scan tool that both interacts with Honda's and performs the throttle position sensor reset, as well as more generic engine diagnostics.

Once hooked up it took a while to find the correct menu but then it was quick and easy. After letting the car relearn idling for a few minutes everything was fixed: the check engine light for excessive idle speed was off, low speed application of throttle was noticeably smoother, no engine surging coming to stop, and better shifting, especially downshifting for acceleration. All this was tied to that throttle body sensor needing to be reset, which was easily done by this scan tool.

So it paid for itself because of not having to pay a dealer to do the same simple task, plus I plan to keep this CR-V for a while, and my other vehicle is also a late model Honda. It's just a little irritating that Honda's throttle sensor needs to be reset almost anytime the throttle body is worked on and the only way to do it is through a dealer's shop or with this particular scan tool loaded with Honda software. I think Honda could have come up a less restrictive method to address this rather easily incurred need to reset this sensor.

Rugged Scanner and Diagnostic Tool

I’ve been enjoyed this OBD2 scanner tool it has big buttons easy to to push and find even if your hands are greasy just seems to be really well-made nice and rugged. It has all the important diagnostic setting I need, airbag, abs, etc, . I like the brand have used many times and they are well-made and good price point I would recommend this tool. Its abit bulky though. Good price point and I would recommend this tool.

Peter Cunningham
Nice scanner for a DIY'er

This scanner is very easy to use. I like the way it feels in your hand. The OBD two cable has good length to it so you can sit back in your seat and still hold the scanner. You can scan through the codes with ease as the LED screen is a nice size. This scanner gives you one free vehicle accessibility with its purchase. The rest of the access to other brands must be purchased with is kind of a bummer. For the do it yourself or the scanner is OK. There are other scanners out there that don't restrict your access to brands when you purchase them which is preferable. But if you only need to use this on one brand of car then this is fine.

Gear Report

I’ve been looking for a code reader that would let me bleed the brakes on my Prius. I had a computer with a techstream on it before. That was a huge pain to set up and maintain. This is way easier and quicker. The directions for getting updates for your specific vehicle could be more clear. Had to go to the brand website and download software to my pc. Then download the code reader software updated via USB.
Still easier than setting up techstream, though.

Easy to use, scans well, provides details, and clears codes

If you own a Porsche with a few miles on it, I recommend getting this. It's a great tool to run diagnostics and check any system issues or fault codes.


The first unit I received had a corrupted flash drive and could not install the manufacturer software. I returned it for a replacement and got one that worked
*The display is easy to read and the menus are fairly easy to navigate

*The packaging, case, and cables are nice

*The buttons are stiff and LOUD. It's like the buttons on an aftermarket joystick for a game console back in the 80s.

Catherine Rose
Worked Well - Registering / Coding new Porsche Battery

Worked well for registering / coding new OEM Banner Battery to a 2017 Porsche Cayman S.
The menus are not as intuitive as on other scan tools, but not many have coverage for modern Porsche cars.

This is a MUST HAVE tool if you have a modern Porsche.

Dealer wanted over $825 for a battery change!

You MUST register the new Battery once installed otherwise you can damage the new battery and your alternator.

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