CGSULIT TPMS80 TPMS Relearn Tool TS01 Sensor Programming, Activate All 315mhz 433mhz Tire Sensors

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Handy addition to any automotive toolbox.

Very nice scanner.

The TPMS80 is CGSULIT’s new generation TPMS scanner with upgraded state-of-the-art features. Combined with this latest addition, I now have a set of diagnostic tools for my home garage that covers nearly all of my vehicle service needs. No more costly trips to the tire shop to reset/reprogram my sensors when switching between summer and winter tires twice per year. This, alone, is worth the price of the TPMS80 over time.

The user manual is straightforward with lots of detailed graphics displaying how to activate step-by-step procedures. A “Quick Start” manual is also provided for fast setup. Like any other scanner, it might take some experimentation to become fluent with its many functions. Once you spend time with it, operations quickly become second-nature.

The device can also test (not program) the key FOB’s battery strength. Direct key FOB programming would have been a nice addition, yet this would have added significantly to the price of the scanner for a specialized feature that most vehicle owners rarely require. That said, the TPMS80 is still a dynamic TPMS servicing and monitoring instrument that addresses my primary needs. Eventually, I intend to replace all of my stock sensors with CGSULIT’s 2-in-1 sensors to take full advantage of this scanner‘s universal programming options. Since sensors come equipped with 315 MHz and 433MHz dual sensor frequencies, they will likely work with almost any vehicle.

Another major plus is the free lifetime updates and technical support offered with this product. This is no small matter since it can be quite expensive to renew yearly scanner subscriptions, particularly for owners of multiple scanners or a single high-end tablet scanner which can cost almost a grand annually to update.

Lastly, CGSULIT’s customer service usually responds to inquiries in a timely manner. They seem genuinely committed to making things right should problems arise and, for me, this adds another layer of confidence to my purchase.

Thank you, CGSULIT!

AZ shuttle select
Well worth it

Pep boys installed tires on one of my fleet vans and claimed two of the sensors were now dead. No issues prior to service. I bought this product. It allows you to Enter the correct year make and model so that it can dial in the correct tire pressure monitor frequency. Went to each tire, hit the frequency button - horn responded for every sensor! Went back to prep boys and asked them what tpms scanner did they use. He showed me. Let's just say he got it off the white and red logo truck for $1200.


It works great. I bought this so I can switch my between two sets of rims/tire for RV and normal driving. It beats. having to go to the tire shop every time I rotate or switch rims. It does take a little bit of learning, but they also have easy to understand, helpful tutorials built into software. I don't have a sensor on my spare and it didn't show how to get pass that point. None of the tutorials or anyone online had any answers. After hours of trying, I had to act like I was scanning a sensor and stop it so it would go pass that screen to tell me to plug the machine into the car. Ideally there would be a yes there is a sensor or no there isn't a sensor in my spare to move pass that screen. Hopefully they can fix that with the next update to the software. Besides that headache it is a great machine to add to my home arsenal of tools for working on my truck and cars.


I used this to perform the relearn procedure for new (pre-programmed) aftermarket TPMS sensors (MAX brand) on a 2022 Acura MDX. I registered and updated the unit prior to use, as directed. Followed the instructions and completed the relearn procedure flawlessly! I will use this in the future to do my own TPMS troubleshooting and maintenance!


Released my 2019 subaru ascent without issue. Easy to follow on screen instructions and all sensors lined up perfectly with the car's UI.

Phil_ P
Works well

A quick convenient and important tool for those who work on cars.

Fernando Vega-Hall

Work like a charm read and right and copy information but haven't tried with any other types of types of sensors but it did read the factory so hopefully it will write on others clone able programmable tpms sensors


I replaced my factory wheels and tires with something else, instead of pulling the tpms out of the factory wheels I replaced them with a aftermarket brand and programmed them, it went really good, not one problem at all. As a newbie it only took me maybe 15 minutes max to do. Super simple and the best part, no light on the dash!!


Works as advertised on a 2021 toyota tacoma


My tpms light came on. I ordered this tool to see what was going on. It showed me that the batteries on 2 of my sensors were low. If 2 are low then the other 2 are not far behind. I replaced the sensors and used this tool to reprogram the ECU with the new sensor numbers. Very easy.

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