BMW Repair

According to your owner's manual, regular maintenance does not include A/C service. So how do you know when to service the air conditioning in your BMW? Typically, this is based on the model and state of your car. There is no defined time for when you should perform air conditioning maintenance. Instead, keep an eye out for warning indicators to determine when it's time to take your vehicle for A/C service at a reliable shop.

Indications of a Failing Air Conditioner

You might notice that the vent blows warmer air than usual. No matter how much you turn up the blower, the temperature in your cabin won't stay where you want it. The air conditioner occasionally won't blow air at all. This is annoying because you'll need to roll down your windows for ventilation and cooling, which isn't practical in a rainstorm or when you're trying to minimize the humidity.

If you notice that your BMW’s air conditioning needs to be repaired, schedule a visit with an automotive center for expert help from trained technicians.

CGSULIT recommends technicians who have professional knowledge of European cars, especially BMWs, with original OEM equipment to examine and repair your air conditioning system. CGSULIT SC530 BMW scan tool can help you check whether there are any problems with your BMW system components from time to time, so that you can find problems as early as possible and take the next step.

BMW Air Conditioning Recharge

Your car may require an air conditioning recharge if you discover that you are unable to maintain a pleasant temperature or clear the fog from your windscreen on a chilly morning. The best repair is a BMW Recharge Service, which includes a thorough inspection of the entire system for pressure and leaks, as well as a full drain and refill of lubricants and refrigerant. The BMW Air Conditioning Recharge Service offers a degree of knowledge only accessible from BMW directly.

BMW Air Conditioning Refresh

Does your BMW still have that new car smells? Perhaps it's time to use the refresh service. We recommend taking your BMW to your local BMW Centre so a highly skilled BMW technician can clean and sanitize the evaporator and air duct systems, as well as treat the air vents and the interior to keep that new car smell for a little while longer. We want your drive to be as comfortable as possible, and we have the expertise to make that happen.

A BMW Air Conditioning Refresh & Recharge is essential not just in the summer; it will also make sure that your air conditioning system can clear your windscreen of frost in the winter as well.

What is regassing?

Regassing involves taking out the old refrigerant gas from the air conditioning system in your BMW and replacing it with fresh gas. Your air conditioning unit will be able to run cold once more by having the refrigerant gas replaced. The first thing you should try if the air conditioner in your BMW isn't blowing as cold as it should is regassing.


With the hot weather in summer, driving a BMW with a poor cooling system is like torture. Having the luxury to drive in a BMW should come with comfort. Spend some time becoming familiar with the warning signs of a poor cooling system, then let a professional team of BMW mechanics restore your AC system to its best level.

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