CGSULIT SC530 BMW/ MINI OE-Level Scan Tool Full System Diagnostics, OBDII Scanner with Bi-Directional Control

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Foul News
Does Far More Than Typical Scanners!

This scanner has been fantastic in helping me properly diagnose issues without just giving me a generic error code. The ability to be able to view and test each module for my 2009 BMW 535xi has already saved me several hundred dollars! Recently, I was getting misfires and random limp mode errors on my 535xi and typically a normal scanner would just provide misfire codes and nothing more, meaning it could literally be anything. So instead of just replacing coils, plugs, injectors etc... I was actually able to get into all related fuel and ignition modules which played a huge part in finding the fault. It turned out that my fuel pump module (EKP) was going bad and failed the built-in diagnostic test. I replaced the fuel pump module with another one and it began working without issues once again! Another very helpful feature is that it can give you specific information on what modules you have exactly. In the pic here, you can see that my fuel pump module has a part number of 7276383, which is helpful in ensuring that I ordered the correct part. Not only can it do that for the fuel pump module, but for each module itself, which is a big time and money saver when ordering parts. I'm glad I was able to find this scanner and can't wait to help out other friends with issues that they may be experiencing on their vehicles as well. It's worth every penny, because to get a scanner with all these features, you'd be paying well over $1,000! (Snap-on, etc...)

Benjamin bors
Good packaging and fast shipping!

Easy-to-operate design and good packaging, also comes with a portable carry bag. Can't wait to test it out!!! I am in Mississippi and it took about 6 days to arrive.

George Walker
Useful Special Functions

Immo&Key function allows me to add a new key and remotely disable the lost one. It's very practical, and also has many other functions, such as battery reset, oil change and other daily maintenance items. Must say it's definitely a great choice!


what a great value! I have 3 Cars and it works for every one last week my Mini cooper had a air bag lite come on, I hooked up the CGSULIT scan tool and read the issue and all it needed was to be reset i was luck but i didn't have to pay somebody to clear the code i did it my self.

Good overall system

While I don't know about a lot of the features of the unit. It reset the airbag light in my BMW. Which was one of the reasons I bought it. It has a lot of features and read every computer on the car. A touch screen would have been a nice addition to the unit which it lacks. Instead you use buttons on the unit similar to a tv remote. This works but seems dated. So far I am happy with the purchase.

Simple and good

Good scanner for a quick scan. I use it every time I get a car with a engine light and so far so good.

Comes pre-programmed.

Dude this is the best thing since sliced bread! Ha ha. no... I am a real person, not a bot or a paid reviewer.
It worked for my MINI Clubman whose brake light was on. I suspected wheel speed sensors were bad............and this tool was able to check the output of all sensors. They were ok. Guess what was the problem? Low brake fluid level......I kick myself for spending big bucks on this tool but not checking simple maintenance things like that.
Anyway, I kept this tool for future trouble. It came pre-programmed for BMW.
Highly recommended!

Great economical product worked as advertised

Right out of the box easy instructions worked as advertised fixed my problem thank you great product.

Joseph Muschler
Saves you money

This scanner works great! It was very useful running diagnostics on my 325ci. It has saved me hundreds of dollars fixing the issues myself.


As the headline states, it paid for itself the first use. I have other products to work on my BMWs, but when I couldn't get a software package on my laptop to work for a simple task of fixing steering angle sensor associated errors (six or so of them) I was looking at having to go to my mechanic. My mechanic is reliable and honest and I would have still paid almost as much for the time. This unit definitely is not as simple as a smart phone to use but not at all difficult. Just follow the prompts and you're there. Took all of 20 minutes to fix. Now on to the next...

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