CGSULIT SC301 OBD2 EOBD Scanner Engine Code Reader Check Engine Light Emission Analyzer O2 Monitor Test Smog Check

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Clear Codes! Read, clear, print and live feed of info

Easy to use. Ability to decipher/ solve engine light issues and the clear codes is great. Device obtains and shows live info. Need a bit more guidance on how to use this info as well as anything awry in the multitude of OBD2 sensors. Well made. Powered by your vehicle.

Big Dawgs Fam
Easy to use and large display

Great tool to have, I ran this on our car and I got an error code P0420, the error actually cleared on its own but the tool still caught the history of the error. Plenty of features that I don’t know how to use yet. This is a must have tool for home or professionals.

After a few tries, I got it connected

I like that this comes in a plastic package that can be easily opened and closed so that I have a way to store it in my car. I initially plugged this into my USB charger in my car and then plugged it into the connector in my car and it wouldn’t work. Then I found out in the manual that you shouldn’t connect it to both a power source and your car at the same time. The OBD connector in my car gives it enough power to run on it’s own without another power source. That should be in big bold letters on the front page of the instructions, especially for someone like me who has never used one of these. Once I figured this out, it connected to my car and gave me a reading. My engine light wasn’t on at the time so the reading was normal. I’ll have to update my review later when I have an engine light warning to use the monitor to read.

The screen isn’t the clearest to read, but it’s fine and I like the clear notifications of which things are good and bad. You need to have a list of all the different codes to know what you are looking at, but mostly you just need to know whichever one is showing up as needing attention. It’s good to have something like this so that you don’t have to just rely on someone else to tell you the truth about your car.

I tested this on a 2014 Prius and it works fine for me. I like having this if my engine light ever comes on during a road trip when I’m not able to get my car to a mechanic right away. At least I’ll know what the issue is. Once you use this once, it’s pretty easy to use.

Fantastic and easy to use.

Likes it well. Nothing to dislike whatsoever. Not only it showed the fault code, but it also allowed me to check the cycle completion for having the car being ready for smog.

Definitely it helps to Resolve problems quickly!

I had a check engine light turned on on my truck, this scanner helped me read the code, and quickly found the problem. Which save me a lot of money and time to go to the Auto repair shop. They are standard OBD2 protocol scanner, so no worry about the fit. It also came with the USB cable, necessary scan tool for all vehicles!

Jonathan Aguirre
acil de usar y sencillo

Es bueno tener este tipo de herramienta en casa por cualquier fallo en el vehículo

Robert Senk
A great diagnostic tool at a great price!

This tool is very easy to use and navigate. The firmware download process was relatively easy as well. This tool has already saved me 100's of dollars by not having to take my car to a shop. The real-time data is great to track down problems and verify that specific emissions parts are operating within range. I would certainly purchase this again if I needed another test tool.

It works.

It works, fast and easy. Pays for itself in one use. Get one.

Works good

Worked fine on my Ford and my Hyundai, but would not pull up anything on my truck, but to be fair, I tried another brand on my truck too with no reading. Thinking I might have a short on the OEM port so no stars deducted because it was able to read the other vehicles just fine.

M. Wong
Great Life Saver

I never thought id would ever get one of these. Ive inquired about this when my car didnt pass the smog check and helped me diagnose other car issues along the way. Saves me time before bringing my car to the repair shop....let me know first hand what the issues are and if was possible to repair it myself or have the repair take care it. Its been such a life saver for me and I highly recommend this to anyone.

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