CGSULIT SC870 EPB Service Tool Full System Diagnostic OBD2 Scanner Oil Light Reset Tool for Worldwide Car Makes

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Kathleen Foster
Good Scanner

This is one high tech scanner! The reason I got this was for my 20 year old Jeep, the check engine light comes on all the time. But lo and behold, the day after I ordered this, my Honda's check engine light came on for the first time ever. I guess I can call that good timing, lol!
I took a couple pics of the device scanning my car and the diagnostic I got from it. I appreciate that it tells you what the code means, rather than just giving you the code number to look up.
The scanner was able to pull up my Vin very quickly. There are a lot of features to this scanner- you can even program routine maintenance alerts! The quick scan is very thorough, on my Honda it went through 48 different categories.
Another cool thing about this scanner? You can connect it to your computer to look at that way. It will download any updates it needs..and those updates are free for the lifetime of the scanner. Very cool.
There is a learning curve to this device, so be sure to read the manual that comes with it. The manual is very helpful.
This is a great scanner!

Joseph Van Dam
Excellent Scanner for Anyone!

Purchased this scanner because of a CEL light on in my Honda Civic which was running rough. I hooked the scanner up pushed auto scan and pulled a Misfire on Cylinder 3 code which helped me diagnose a bad coil pack. This scanner is super quick at pulling and deleting CEL codes and has the capability of showing live data. The reader will quickly scan SRS and ABS lights which makes it super handy and a definite go to whenever a fault light comes on in your car/truck. Also has the ability to reset service reminder lights after performing scheduled maintenance on your vehicle. Another great feature I saw was being able to put your car in service mode if your vehicle is equipped with an electronic parking brake prior to doing any maintenance or repairs on the rear brakes. Perfect for an automotive technician in a shop or a DIY guy working on his own vehicles. Updates are easily done on a computer or laptop with the supplied cords. This scanner is very user friendly and comes in a nice compact case. Would suggest this to anyone looking for a scanner that has alot of features without breaking the bank.

Great addition to any garage

Ordered this for my husband to find out what is wrong with my sons truck. They normally have to go to an automotive store to get a code but with this, we can use it in the drive way. It is big and easy to read. But don’t let the size fool you. It is REALLY light weight. My husband likes the fact that it comes with a case to keep it all together and protected when put away and that It has so many features. He likes that it lets you erase the codes afterwards. Overall this is a great code reader. Me and my husband highly recommend!

Love it

I love the case that this comes in (I'm a case person and believe literally everything should have one) 🤣. So now to the userbility of the product. (Is that a word?) Very simple and easy to use. Even though my car doesn't have any codes I still wanted go check it out and everything works fine. I hooked it up to a friend's car and reset his air bag code. It seems to do exactly what it needs to do. No issues at all with this so far. It feels nice in my hand and doesn't feel cheap or anything so I like that part. If anything changes I will update soon. I have high hopes for this though.

Excellent Scan Tool...Solid Construction, Lifetime Free Updates

I was not familiar with CGSULIT diagnostic scan tools until I started seeing reviews of the SC301 on YouTube. It seemed that CGSULIT was offering a lot of features for the money so I purchased one. I keep a smaller scan tool in each of my vehicles in case the need arises for one of my vehicles or friend's/family member's/acquaintance's while I'm out. (It always surprises me how many people drive around or even buy cars with the check engine light on without at least bothering to find out why.)

The SC301 has performed flawlessly and exceeded expectations, so I jumped on the chance to get this CGSULIT SC870.

One thing I was glad to see was CGSULIT is offering FREE LIFETIME updates (you can select either manual or automatic) along with free lifetime support for this model. Some competitor brands' models on this level charge an annual subscription fee for the updates which should be considered when comparing costs. One year warranty.

This scan tool is ideal for the advanced do-it-yourselfer, especially one working on a variety of makes and model. Between the outstanding build quality and the lifetime free updates, this should take care of your needs for many years.

Skip G.
High-Quality Scanner

I have been wanting to get one of these for a while now, and although there are a lot out there less expensive, I wanted to get a good one. This seems like a real nice unit, and I do like that it has a nice case included to store it and keep it clean and safe. I think once I learn how to use this correctly it will pay for itself fast. The fact that you can find problems and print the results will undoubtedly save me money when taking my cars to be fixed, or even better, fixing the issues myself. I have a 2010 Jeep Liberty and using it could not have been easier. I am not a mechanic so it will take some research to learn how to use and read it correctly, but all in all, this is a high-quality scanner that looks like it will be a valuable tool to have.

Auto VIN worked on a 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited (Japan)

This is a very good scan tool. It does not have a touchscreen, you navigate with buttons. Be prepared to wait about 4-5 minutes for it to read the ECU lol. The diagnostic capabilities are pretty good but it would be nice if there was a little more info for any fault codes. I like having a device that can give me more insight into possible issues on the horizon as well as an understanding of what's currently going on under the hood even when things seem to be running well, and this auto scan tool helps with that so overall I'd say it's a good product.

Ryan Letzerich
The programming is saved on the removable flash card, not internally

I included a picture to compare the size of the code reader with the one I already had. The one I had didn't read any of the body control or ABS modules so I ordered this new unit.

The reduced stars are because the user interface (UI) is not intuitive enough for me. Other than that, this appears to be a capable OBDII code reader

- read a code that a tail light was out (I didn't know that the car could keep track of things like that)
- read the ABS code and identified the wheel sensor that wasn't talking with the car computer
- ability to download and install vehicle maker specific codes to the code reader
- the cable between the code reader and the OBDII port is sufficiently long
- ability to save the diagnostic codes to the memory card for later retrieval from computer

- my internet firewall notified me and blocked the update .exe files that were attempting to access the internet did NOT have a valid security certificate...I had to manually allow them access
- you have to search online for the updating software for downloading
- the update was very slow and didn't do anything some of the time, so I had to repeat going through the motions several times
- I found it difficult to start using the device without going through the user manual first, because the menu is not intuitive enough for me
- the icons on the screen are large enough to be frustrating because they are the right size for a touch screen, which this does not have, so I have to remember to use the navigation buttons
- it appears that much of the software is stored on the SD card instead of in the unit, which might make sense to the manufacturer but I found it obnoxious that it was there
- when saving a diagnostic screen to the memory card I found it extremely cumbersome to use the "keyboard" to make a descriptive I just used the default name "GM" and saved each file with the same name - fortunately it still created new files but named them as GM, GM0, GM1, GM2, etc
- I couldn't see that I could retrieve information from the saved files from the unit, so I had to plug it into my computer to review the saved diagnostic reports

K. Taylor
Ugly, but capable

I like the features and price of this scanner, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of the styling.

My only problem with this thing is that I've been spoiled by higher end scanners from Thinkscan, Mucar and Foxwell, almost all of which above the $200 mark come with large, bright touchscreens that fill the whole device. By comparison the SC870 looks and feels like something from a previous generation, a clunky precursor to today's scanners. The 4.3" screen seems tiny compared to the sprawling 7" of real estate to which I'm accustomed, and pressing physical buttons feels like a bit of a throwback.

If you can get past the styling and dinky screen, though, this scanner works just as well as the big boys, and it costs less than $200. Personally I'd prefer to spend a little more for a scanner with a large touchscreen, but if your budget is tight and you only care about the performance this thing will do the job just fine.

Jeremy Klinebriel
This scanner does a lot.

As with most things the shipping was super fast. First I’ll explain myself for the 4 star review. When I opened the case I immediately noticed that this scan tool was used. The screen had dirt and fingerprints on it. After that I noticed that the twist tie on the charger was taken off and thrown in the bad with the cord. If the fingerprints wasn’t enough proof then the twist tie taken off the charger should be. That to me is just wrong. I was hoping it wasn’t a return because of it not working so I immediately took it out and put it to some use. I was happy to see that there was nothing wrong with it so that was good. A little annoying but all I can do is let others know. Now as far as the scan tool goes it seems to work really well. So far the only issues I have is with the updating. This does not connect to WiFi so you have to grab a computer and log in to the companies webpage. From that point you click on downloads. Look for your scan tool and click download and it will download onto the laptop. The problem is my laptop flagged it so therefor I’m afraid to open it. In other words I have not updated this and will wait until I find out more about it. Now I have a lot of scan tools that I use. Each one is different in its own way and can do something others can’t do. This one can do a lot. Of course you can do all your OBDII diagnostics. Read and clear codes. You can look at the live data, freeze frame, and I/M readiness. You can look at the graphs to see when there has been a change and more. This has on board monitoring and components test. You have several types of maintenance functions so that you can reset the oil light and more. I mean this is a good value for the price. You can save all your information onto the tool. I was even able to name the folder I wanted to save my information on. In my opinion this would be a great tool for the home mechanics. It does a lot more than your 50 dollar scan tools but with this you can perform more tests to pinpoint the issue. One of the things I really did like about this scan tool was the case. It came with a nice plastic case for storage. Would I recommend this scanner. You bet. I just really hope I was sent a used one because of a mistake. There was no damage to the scanner I could just tell it was used because the twist tie and finger prints on the screen. If it wasn’t for that it would have gotten a higher rating that’s for sure.

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