CGSULIT SC880 Full System Automotive Diagnostic Scanner with 25+ Reset Service for Worldwide Car Makes

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A professional auto truck code reader

Takes a little time to get to know the device it has a onscreen keyboard an will connect to the internet an it read a code an give you an understanding of what check engine codes mean good device an value

Matt & Tracey
This is a great OBD2 Scanner with Lots of Extras!

This scanner can not only diagnose the code warnings that your car is putting out, but it can also reset them after you have addressed the issue. Yes, I can take 15 minutes to reset the new oil level through my steering wheel maintenance menu on my Honda Pilot which is a pain to do, or I can do it with this scanner in 30 seconds or less! The SC880 scanner not only tells you the codes, but it has dummy proofed it for beginners and explains to you the problem. Then if you press the question mark it will tell you if a professional needs to fix it, or if you can do it and then gives you links.
This scanner offers 25 different service functions, along with lifetime free upgrades for the software. This all system diagnostic scanner can check your ABS brakes, your engine, your air bags, your transmission, your chassis system, your electronic braking system, your tire pressure monitoring system, the steering, the AC, the brake assist, as well as battery management systems. Most other scanners don't even give you half of theses functions. This scanner can solve 99.5% of all your vehicles problems, which helps you to make an educated decision.
It gives you a real time data graph that shows exactly what the engine is doing, it offers one-click auto vin so the OBD2 knows exactly the vehicle it is dealing with. You can read codes, erase codes, test and diagnose all with this scanner. It can even tell you if you are going to pass the smog test. This scanner is for both the professional and the novice. It's LED display is straightforward and easy to manage.
The build quality is exceptional on this scanner. Many other scanners out on the market charge you to upgrade the software, but like I said earlier they have included free upgrades. You do not need Blue Tooth or WiFi because the scanner is plug and play. This scanner can turn off annoying warning lights that continue to go off after it's fixed on your dash, which is a requirement during an emissions test.
The scanner also allows you to reset the ABS pressure when bleeding the brakes and getting all the excess air out of them. You can read your transmission temperature in real time and know if an ejector is going out. In all honesty, unless you are a mechanic you will not need this every day, but you will need this from time to time. This is an investment that will last for years, and I highly recommend it!

T. Lai
A professional auto truck code reader

This worked on my corolla and saved me from a 100+ scanning fee at my mechanic.

asks to obtain authorization

• Packaging: The SC880 case is wrapped in a clear plastic bag with printed product information around the case. The case itself is made of somewhat thin plastic, but that’s good because it makes the whole thing lightweight and highly portable. The latches on the case are secure.

• Ease of use: Very easy and straightforward to connect to the car or computer. The controls are simple. The hardest part is finding your car’s OBD port. Do note that while the SC880 will power on if you connect it to your car while it’s off. However, you won’t be able to get any kind of diagnostic information or even the VIN when your engine isn’t running. So, make sure to ignite your engine before using the SC880.

The SC880 was able to tell me my VIN number automatically but beyond that there was trouble. After obtaining my VIN the SC880, the prompted me to do a quick system scan. This is the message I got.
“The vehicle program is not authorized. Please obtain the authorization!”
In other words, the SC880 refused to scan a 2016 Mazda CX-5 GT.

• Verdict: If your car is supported, a decent tool.

Reads codes

I have used this product on a 2015 Chevrolet Cruze and a 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer. I have only used it to read codes. I have not used it for diagnostics while the engine was running. (That's a little beyond my knowledge and capability). Once I have a code, I research h forums to narrow down the issue. I purchased this OBD reader because of the price and simplicity. I am overall satisfied with what I purchased it for and would recommend to anyone who has the intention of simply reading codes.

Dave Evers
Great mid-level scan tool

There are groups of these tools available - cheap sub-$50 units that are good for reading and clearing codes, but not much more, the expensive $1000+ units that are meant for professionals, and then devices like this one that fit right in the middle. This device will read and reset codes, but it will also look up the code for you using it’s own database of make-specific codes. This saves you having to reach for your phone to look up an obscure code. These units also typically provide more info like live data from the ECU (engine RPM, fuel flow, etc) which can be helpful in diagnosing problems.

I am very pleased to have several of these devices to try out that are a level above the capabilities of the cheaper units. So far, I haven’t found a favorite - they all have features that separate them from each other and from other models in the product lineup.

If you work 0n cars much, for yourself or others, these mid-level scan tools are a great investment.

Easy to Use - Lots of Functions

I own several OBD2 scanners / diagnostic tools. I work in the powersports industry (motorcycles, ATV, UTV, etc.) and similar type tools we use cost many times more than this one and most have less functionality.

As I've said in a previous review, if you are an auto technician or even just a do-it-yourself person and have a modern day vehicle then a OBD2 scanner / diagnostic tool is a must. There are lots of brands and models available for purchase that range from super cheap to rather expensive and as you go up in price you usually get more functionality you get.

An inexpensive OBD2 scanner will most likely have a low-resolution screen and just scan for DTC codes and offer no definitions of the codes. Also cheaper scanners will most likely not have a live data stream and will not have any recording capabilities. These budget scanners also may not offer updates and could possibly not work with later model vehicles.

More expensive OBD2 Scanner / Diagnostic Tools like this one have higher-resolution color screens, offer code DTC definitions, are updatable, and perform more functions than just reading and erasing DTC codes such as allow you to view live data streams an even take snapshots and record this data for later playback.

I purchased CGSULIT SC880 OBD2 Scanner / Diagnostic Tool because of the higher-resolution screen, built-in code DTC definitions, and because it is updatable through their website (free update for life). It also gives you live data readings for most of the OBD2 monitored systems on your vehicle, and it has the ability to capture and record streaming data, and you can reset many of the systems and fault codes using this tool. I also like that it came with a nice hard case.
I've only used this OBD2 scanner / diagnostic tool for a little while but so far I like it. The tool is easy to hold and navigation and selection buttons are well laid out and rubberized making navigation easy even when wearing mechanics gloves. The screen is clear and easy to read with information screens that are logically laid out and easy to navigate. Plus the wealth of information that this scanner/diagnostic tool reads and the functions it performs is incredible, especially considering the price.

Well worth it.

This is a very easy to use and worthwhile scan tool. It will pay for itself the first time you use it. I have two vehicles - a 2003 and a 2005. One checked out beautifully, and the other has a vacuum leak that the reader displayed immediately in the I/M section, even though no DTCs were active. Further examination by looking at other parameters (such as LTFT, etc.) supported that indicator.

Easy to Use!!

Great product! I don't know why people are complaining that the car scanning device is hard to use and doesn't come with instructions. I received the scanner the next day. It came in a nice box WITH instructions and a website link to download the full scanner manual. The scanner was super easy to use (and this is coming from a female) without reading the instructions (yep, I am impatient and didn't bother with the instructions). The device quickly read my car information and confirmed that I had an issue with my gas cap (I had previously gone to an auto parts store to use their free scanner). I bought a new gas cap. Cleared the error code with the scanner and then drove around for a few days to see if the error code appeared again. The check engine light did not come on and the scanner saved me over $150 if I had taken it to the dealership. The scanner has already paid for itself. I highly recommend this product.

༒ Ŀ
feels good in the hand, easy to use

This has a nice rubber texture. It feels good to hold it. I like how easy it is to connect to my car. All the menu options are available unlike my DN606 code reader .

I own several cars. All but my classic American muscle car are supported. Not being a mechanic I appreciate being able to understand better how my car works by using this and looking up new information on the internet. A check engine light can mean so many things. This code reader ends frustrating mysteries. It is useful to have.

What secrets is your car keeping from you? Want to see performance stats in a graph? This is for you. It is heavier than it looks. About half a kilo. The dramatic typos are mostly in one place. The back key works but does not pass the self test mode. An RJ45 port is indicated but under the cover there isn't one. It is not advertised to exist.

This is not battery powered. This is usb-mini powered at 5 volts. The manual mentions a 12 volt option but I don't see how to use that.

None of the functions can be explored until the obd is connected :(

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