CGSULIT SC530 Honda/ Acura All System Auto Scan Tool OE-Level Diagnostics OBDII Scanner Active Test Tool

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Ted Hethcote
Great little scanner

I found it easy to use and it readily pinpointed the problem with the SRS system. It gives the fault codes and when you push the "?" button it lists probable causes and offers corrective actions to resolve the issue.
I have also had a great experiance with the customer support team. They were very responsive and friendly to work with. The feature that I like the most is that the unit can download specific software for several auto manufacturers.

Easy to use/Great tech support

To start off want to say the tech support started even before I received this CGSULIT SC350 scanner. I received an email a day before it arrived letting me know it was on the way and if anything with setup/use is needed when it arrives to contact them. They advised me other optional manufacturer code scans can be downloaded and used on this tool. When it arrived, it was packaged well in its own case with all the required cables and manuals. I attached to my computer to confirm it was up to date which was very simple and easy to do. I hooked it up to my vehicle (2013 Honda CR-V) and it instantly turned on and went to main menu. I performed the easy vin scan, confirmed the info was correct, and then began messing with all the buttons and scan options. It was so easy to navigate through the options and moved straight into a quick scan. It worked flawlessly and went through 49 different scans. The unit keeps you updated on which vehicle part it was scanning and provided an outcome to each individual scan. I looked at all the other different things it can do from the menu and all of them were there as advertised. I can't wait to get into the things it can do and utilize this tool. I recommend this scan tool.

Impressive capabilities for the money

This is a very impressive product. The actual fit and finish, materials, and feel in your hand is all just ok. It feels like how much it cost. However after plugging it in I was very surprised how powerful it was. I am used to using Honda’s factory HDS scanner which cost thousands of dollars. This CGSULIT literally can hang right up there with the OEM tool. Highly recommended as a budget bi directional scanner. From programming steering angle sensors, to measuring EGR lift, individually turning off injectors for diagnostic purposes, reading and testing every module in my vehicle, commanding system activations and solenoids… it’s a serious tool for the money. If they could do anything better it would be better feel in your hand and maybe a little faster processing speed as it can be a little laggy. But it’s price point and capabilities more then makes up for all of that.

A Necessary Tool In Todays Computer Controlled Cars

A "just in case" diagnostic tool for my new 2020 Acura TLX. I suspected it wouldn't recognize my new car when I plugged it in, so I simply went to CGSULIT's website, downloaded their update software, plugged it into my laptop and it was quickly updated. Plugged in back in my cars OBD2 port and 'voila", it was recognized. Of course there was nothing to diagnose, but now I know it's ready to diagnose if needed.

Richard L Whitehead
"Paid for Itself"

I know "paid for itself the first time I used it" is a bit of an overworked phrase, but this meter really did. I was able to diagnose a warning light, find the trouble code, order and install the correct part easily. If you drive a Honda, don't leave home without it.

Used to reset idle throttle body for 2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan

Cleaned the throttle body at 247.7K miles and I don't think it was EVER offered from my mechanic and after I noticed that the idle keep high and slow to come down (rev hang) I did some research online and tried the basic solutions such as disconnecting battery to reset idle, didn't work. So I found this unit and ordered and used to reset the idle back to "normal" work perfectly. All I can say is that AFTER cleaning the throttle body my car can once again accelerate getting on the fwy on-ramp with no hesitation like a "bat out of hell". It's really what I need right now with the current car prices out of control for a 2022 Honda Civic Si. This unit will be good for 2 family Honda vehicles 2007 Honda Civic Si and a 2014 Honda CRV EX. I will use for both vehicles to do the maintenance I can do myself and then take to my mechanic to do the other things I cannot do.

Paid for itself with one use.

I have a 2011 Honda CR-V which I recently bought used with 106k miles on it. Ran great. Well-maintained. Solid Honda. During one oil change I thoroughly cleaned the throttle body since I had no idea when this had last been done and it's something I will do to all my vehicles usually at least once a year. In this case it caused subtle changes in it's driveability including AT shifting. Eventually the slightly higher idle speed and slight surging of the engine when braking to a stop were clues that it could all be traced back to a miscalibrated throttle position sensor and me learning that this recalibration needs to be done on Honda's 2.4L after anything is done with the throttle body. The solution is simple, either go to a honda dealer and pay them to use their Honda scan tool to reset the sensor or buy your own scan tool and do it yourself. And evidently this is the only consumer level scan tool that both interacts with Honda's and performs the throttle position sensor reset, as well as more generic engine diagnostics.

Once hooked up it took a while to find the correct menu but then it was quick and easy. After letting the car relearn idling for a few minutes everything was fixed: the check engine light for excessive idle speed was off, low speed application of throttle was noticeably smoother, no engine surging coming to stop, and better shifting, especially downshifting for acceleration. All this was tied to that throttle body sensor needing to be reset, which was easily done by this scan tool.

So it paid for itself because of not having to pay a dealer to do the same simple task, plus I plan to keep this CR-V for a while, and my other vehicle is also a late model Honda. It's just a little irritating that Honda's throttle sensor needs to be reset almost anytime the throttle body is worked on and the only way to do it is through a dealer's shop or with this particular scan tool loaded with Honda software. I think Honda could have come up a less restrictive method to address this rather easily incurred need to reset this sensor.

It works fine on a 1999 Honda CRV

Very easy to use, just plug it in and read/erase codes. I did not even look at the instructions, which by the way are only provided online.

Best OBD2 scanner I have ever owned

I hardly write reviews and this one highly deserves one. This one truly works!

I live in New Zealand and I own a 2007 Honda Stream, which is a Japanese Domestic Model (JDM). I am not a mechanic rather a car enthusiast and a DIYer with decent knowledge of how things work. My primary purpose was to calibrate throttle position sensor after a throttle body clean as idle had been erratic and spiking since cleaning. I knew what I was getting into but didn't realize it was still needed even if I didn't move the throttle plate during cleaning. I first thought of trying to a dealership to do this which they quoted me $160 + tax for the job, which is outraging for a 5 minute job. Then I tried a couple of local mechanics who didn't even knew that a calibration was required after a e-throttle body clean... Therefore my luck was running out.

Though I read reviews regarding positive feedback from others that this scanner could do it, I was still skeptical as it had been pretty hard to find one that could work with my Honda (I already own 3 other scanners (BlueDriver, Konwei 850 and an Innova 1100 which none of them could help me in any way to reset TPS as they aren't bi-directional scanners). Therefore I contacted the seller via Amazon and checked with them if my VIN is compatible with this product prior to purchasing. I must say that the seller had been prompt and quick to come back to me that my car was compatible with the NT510 elite model for Honda. After purchasing (and waiting for 7 days to arrive in NZ), I plugged it in and got the job done in less than minutes! Here's my take on this,

- Decent price point. Some of the other more expensive scanners unable to all what this one offers
- Very quick to connect.
- Software is fast and easy to navigate. I didn't even need to read through the manual to figure out where things are
- Product website contains all information on how to register and update the unit
- Scanner is not locked to Honda; OBD features work with other car brands and if needed any other brand specific software can be purchased. Therefore I do not need another scanner for my Toyota RAV4
- Decent build quality with a rubberized protector
- Excellent customer support!

- Buttons have to be pressed a bit firmly. This is pretty much similar with most of the other handheld scanners I've seen (not a big deal)

In my opinion this product is great value for money and in my case, it paid for itself. I would highly recommend this product.

Everyone should have one

Received it yesterday and used it on my 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. I've been having issues when I first start it sometimes. The unit is so easy to use. Just plug it in and it will do the job! I like it!

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