CGSULIT SC530 Landrover/ Jaguar All System OE-Level Bi-directional Scan Tool OBD2 Scanner

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Daryl Crawford

I was sent the wrong scanner. I needed a Land Rover scanner and was sent a BMW scanner tool.

Hi Daryl, please kindly send the scanner serial number (you can find it at the backside of scanner) to or, we will authorize the Land Rover software to you free of charge, then you update the scanner the Land Rover will be available. Sorry for our mistake, hope we can better serve you next time, have a good day.


I went back and forth between getting this or paying over twice as much for the IID Gap tool for diagnostics on my Land Rover LR3. The GAP tool may be more powerful but you should really ask yourself if you need that level of capability. This SC530 is more than adequate for me which is just to fix my LR3 when it breaks. I can read codes on all of the Land Rover specific modules, clear faults, view live data, and one of the best features is the live data graphs. It also supports a lot of functions needed for service like deflating the air system, calibrating ride height, and programming keys.

The IID Gap tool costs almost twice as much and is locked to a single VIN#. So you are paying a ton of money for something that will only work on one specific vehicle. The SC530 works on all cars (for general faults) and if you need something more powerful you can buy manufacturer specific software at any time for an additional fee. So I can take this Land Rover version, buy the Ford software and now tap into all the Ford modules. This is a HUGE benefit.

Arlene Maxfield
Perfect size, mind at ease

To have piece of mind before taking the issue to be fixed. Too often we pay for more than just what’s wrong because we don’t know. I suggest you make the purchase.

Loco De Moco
Worked great for what it is!!

Needed a code reader for my Jaguar and this worked great. It’s super easy to use and it gives you the codes quickly. If you’re looking just for a quick code reader then this works great. It also seems like it’s made of good material m, quality seems pretty good.

evelyn zapantis
a little slow to respond

good tool to have in the car and the price is right

Great For Land Rover DIY Repairs

What can I say? It does everything I need to do. I can set my air ride with it, I can scan most modules on the car. It does everything I need to do in my garage.

daniel garcia gomez del valle
Doing very well

Working pefect...
Very easy to use. Resetting the oil change alarm without any trouble

Allow plenty time to download all the vehicle updates before using

A great value for an excellent diagnostic tool. Helped me diagnose numerous error codes and also repair my rear brakes equipped with electronic parking brakes.

Savorn Vann

I loved the product, I first bought another product that wasn't even compatible with my car and it was really stressful at first but after buying this one, fixing my car was a total breeze. It was stress free and completely easy to use! Definitely recommend. I used this for my Landrover.

Celinie Oxford
It works, and it pays for itself quickly

The software has a bit of a 1990 feel to it, but with patience you’ll get to the finish line. If we weren’t spoiled by refined apps on Apple devices we’d all think this thing is the bomb.

A big plus is that if you login to the manufacturer, you can add other makes. So for a modest sum ($70-90) one can use this device to register batteries on a BMW, for example (another $250-300 saved).

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