CGSULIT SC530 VW/ Audi Full System OE-Level Diagnostic Service Tool OBDII Scanner with Active Test Upgrade Version of ET2530

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Fully functioning scanner! Great value for the $ paid.

WOW I am impressed! I purchase this for my chevy and vw car. My VW Jetta was showing a light and I didnt want to pay a mechanic to just read the code so I got this OBD2 scanner. My husband was able to plug in and see the code behind the blinking check light and clear it out. It didnt need a lot of instructions, because the device seems to very straightforward. My husband loved it, because now he can check what is going on, and doesn't have to rely on the mechanic. Without this scanner often times we are blind and are not sure if the mechanics charging for the right diagnosis. I am just happy I didn't have to pay the mechanic $300 just to clear that light this time and for the years to come!
It seems to have a lot of options to find out about details of the car, the current status of things so that you can be prepared. My husband was just playing around and he liked it because it is simple to handle and informative.

It's a great device. It can read

It's a great device. It can read, code, and present live data among many other things that factory diagnostics do but much cheaper.

kathleen benz
Great product

Great tech support and customer service

Brittany OBryant
It's got tegridy

Took a good few days to figure everything out, but does much more than expected.

Lynn Beeman
Great for home mechanic

This has helped my husband immensely with all of our home mechanic work. Saves on the guesswork diagnosing problems in need of repair

This works!

Very happy. As a preface, I am a retired ASE certified Master Tech. But, my old scan tools have not been updated for about ten years. I have some newer German vehicles that I still need to maintain. I am fortunate enough to have two vehicles that the VAG programmed 530 works on. One a 2015 Audi RS5, the other a 2016 Volkswagon Touareg. I wanted a scan device that would work without having to download software into my laptop and then have to put my laptop into my car. Something more portable that I could keep in my toolbox. Before my purchase I asked a question if this device would help me diagnose an issue that I have with my Audi where there is a service light on for the adaptive headlights. I received a brief response from the manufacturer that it would with no further instructions or advice, but a message that I could contact them with any other questions. Not a deal maker for me, but it gave me a little confidence. Then I received anther response from someone who said if VAGCOM can do it then the 530 should be able to. Fine then, I decided to give it a try. Received the tool this afternoon and registered it online right away. The tool has its own password built in so if you buy it and try to register it make sure you use that with its serial number instead of your personal password that you used when you set up your account. Brought it home and plugged it into my 2015 Audi RS5. Was disappointed to find out that even though the device read my vin my car was not included in its data bank. Ok, I fiddled around a bit and ended up using an A5 with a 4.2 although I don’t think such an animal exists, in my world anyway. The included instruction book was pretty much worthless and I proceeded with utmost caution making sure that I did not erase any settings. I stumbled around for a while and finally pulled up the only code that my car had stored which stated that the front ride height sensor was open. Now that made sense😳. I inspected the sensor and wiring, found nothing that I could see wrong so I ordered a new one.

Moving on to my wife’s diesel Touareg. It has just over 40,000 miles on it and we just had it into the dealer for a def tank recall and and some other updates due to Volkswagons diesel scandal. Upon return of the vehicle it still had a service interval reminder message on the dashboard. Another disappointment 😔. Anyway I could not find a way to turn off this reminder using just the internal vehicle settings. Oil change yes, this message no. I plugged in the 530 and went to work. It found the vin right away, but again using the vin it did not recognize the proper vehicle. I manually found the correct 7 passenger Touareg with tdi and away I went. Stumbling around again without a good manual for guidance I found what I needed and set the distance and time from the last inspection to zero. The wife is happy and I am pleased with myself.

Went back to the Audi and played with the rear brake system because I will need to replace the rear pads soon. This car has electric rear parking brakes which need to be fully retracted before you can replace the pads. You can do it with jumper wires but since I now had the correct tool I wanted to see if it worked. Selecting an A5 again. I went into the menu and found where I could retract the parking brake caliper pistons. I told it to go ahead and I could hear both calipers turning open. When they stopped I told the device I was finished installing new pads. The CGSULIT screwed them back to the rotors and told me to check the brake fluid.

Money well spent.

Jose Avelar
Worth every dollar..

I used this product for the following...
1. Pull dtc's
2. Look at live data
3. Check obd ready ( for state emission test)👍
4. My favorite clear and rescan for any dtc's👍👍

Don't settle for generic code readers

So far so good. Used to diagnose a throttle body error on a 2006 VW Beetle 2.5L. Generic code readers were leading me in the wrong direction. Hooked the CGSULIT up and got a better diagnosis of the problem while watching the realtime numbers. Nailed down the fix right away after getting the correct information. Don't settle for generic code readers. I have since loaded Chrysler and GM specific apps on my reader for my other vehicles.

This scanner works well but sometimes a little hard to ...

This scanner works well but sometimes a little hard to navigate and cord is not removable and a little short. Cord could be longer to allow
for monitoring from passenger side. I started with the VW software and have since added GM software.

Good for obd2 and vcds

Diagnosed bad wheel speed indicator on driver rear hub which caused six dash lights. Replaced part and car is back to normal no dash lights

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