CGSULIT SC530 Mitsubishi All Systems Diagnostic Tool OE-Level OBDII Scanner Bi-Directional Scan Tool

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Emmett Young
Saved $$$

My husband has used this scanner many times and it is 100% accurate and very easy to learn and use.


I purchased this item to assist in diagnosing issues on my 2005 Endeavor. Being an older care with a plummeting value, I no longer want to go running to a mechanic for every issue. I figure if I know, I have a chance to resolve it myself. This device is complete overkill for my actual needs, but I figure I will grow into it, and as our other car falls out of warranty, hopefully I will be able to utilize on it as well.

Easy to use, works well, good price

So far I’ve used this on my 2006 Mitsubishi Galant and 2010 Outlander(Not effect), this scanner does not support Mitsubishi cars after 2006, I tried several times to no avail, So it can only be used for my Galant. VIN auto search worked for the vehicle. I cleared a “emissions leak” service light. I felt it was a glitch so I cleared it. It hasn’t come back in a week. I probably saved more money than the cost of this device already by not going to the dealership.
It also identified an SRS warning light (on my Accord) as the driver’s side seat belt buckle. I ordered a replacement buckle. So far, I’m satisfied with the purchase.

Andy L
Great diagnostic tool for car owner

I received the diagnostic tool and read the instructions and got it to work right away. Found out my emissions issues. I'm in the process of working them out.
Everyone needs this tool to help with car issues. You my not be able to do the repair but at least you have some knowledge of the errors presented. Knowledge is power in my book.

Easy to Use - Large Screen - Lots of Functions

I own several OBD2 scanners / diagnostic tools. I work in the powersports industry (motorcycles, ATV, UTV, etc.) and similar type tools we use cost many times more than this one and most have less functionality.

As I've said in a previous review, if you are an auto technician or even just a do-it-yourself person and have a modern day vehicle then a OBD2 scanner / diagnostic tool is a must. There are lots of brands and models available for purchase that range from super cheap to rather expensive and as you go up in price you usually get more functionality you get.

An inexpensive OBD2 scanner will most likely have a low-resolution screen and just scan for DTC codes and offer no definitions of the codes. Also cheaper scanners will most likely not have a live data stream and will not have any recording capabilities. These budget scanners also may not offer updates and could possibly not work with later model vehicles.

More expensive OBD2 Scanner / Diagnostic Tools like this one have higher-resolution color screens, offer code DTC definitions, are updatable, and perform more functions than just reading and erasing DTC codes such as allow you to view live data streams an even record this data for later playback.

I purchased CGSULIT SC530 OBD2 Scanner / Diagnostic Tool because of the higher-resolution screen, built-in code DTC definitions, and because it is updatable through their website (free update for life). It also gives you live data readings for most of the OBD2 monitored systems on your vehicle, and it has the ability to capture and record streaming data, and you can reset many of the systems and fault codes using this tool. I also like that it came with a nice hard case.

I hope you found this information helpful. And as with all my reviews if I experience any issues or problems I’ll update this review.

Joseph Sewielski

The scanner is good but I couldn't find my 2001 Eclipse. I have already purchased another scanner.


Works great for my 2005 Mitsubishi.

Charlene Juliano
This is a decent scanner.

This scanner works very well, so far, I’ve been able to use it for everything I need it to do. If that makes sense. Overall, it’s a good value for the money. Shipping was on time.

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