CGSULIT SC204 OBD2 Scanner EOBD Code Reader Mini Diagnostic Tool for Vehicle Check Engine Light Emission Analyze

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James Smith
Easy to use

Bought this for a friend at work he loves it it's easy to use you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out a kindergartener could figure it out.

Worked as advertised

I used it to make sure my emissions monitors were ready before getting my emissions test. The I/M readiness function was accurate.

Chris D.
Easy to use

Was able to delete SES/CEL on 2016 370z

Average Mechanic
Ok if you don't have a dongle

This is a good handheld code read that is a little better than a Bluetooth or WiFi reader.

Maria Alfonzo
Pequeño y completo

El scanner es muy fácil de usar, prácticamente imposible de no entender, muy cómodo el menu, mas que suficiente para uso en casa.

Queen Bee
it shows the codes and lets you clear them, a total must for any mechanic

Perfect gift idea for the man or woman who works on todays cars, shows the CEL codes and lets you chase down the issues fast! I got mine for $40! Its a easy to use, fast and cost effective device.

Todd Fraisure
Worth the money

This code reader has saved me and my friends a lot of money. It just saved me from having to replace the transmission in my Acura MDX. The mechanic said I need a new transmission because it was shifting hard. I got this code reader and it gave me the code P0730. I put it on live data after clearing the code and took it on a test drive. The reader showed a hard shift going from 2nd to 3rd gear and the check engine light came on. The live data reading showed it when shifting. It turned out to be an hour fix by replacing the Dual Linear Shifting Solenoid that cost me $245 instead of the $4000 transmission. Buy one!

Chris Maslyar
Great tool for the non automotive crowd

I bought this for my daughter whose out on her own. Without any assistance from dad she was able to plug it in, read the codes and understand the problem. Her comment to me over the phone was “People actually go to the dealer instead of using something like this?”

Money well spent

Very Easy to Use

I am very happy with my order of the CGSULIT OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader. I ordered this to use on my son's car. This was great to use as it gave us a heads-up on what to expect before visiting the repair shop. I found this useful as it let us know if the engine check light was due to a very urgent need to the shop or not so we did not risk any time. As it turns out, it was due to a faulty sensor that ultimately does not affect the performance or safety of the car. I find this is a good value for us for this reason and highly recommend this for any vehicle owner to have on hand for such an event. I hope you find our experience helpful as you kindly click the button below.


Easy to use

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