CGSULIT SC530 Mercedes-Benz All Systems Bi-directional Scan Tool OE-Level Diagnostic Scanner OBD2 Code Reader Upgrade Version of ET2530

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Worth the money!

Great scanner... provides everything a tech needs to properly diagnose MB vehicles.


I purchased this product specifically for my Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG which is equipped with a BC suspension. This is the only unit I could find that not only can see into all subsystems of my car, but could also see into and diagnose the suspension system. This includes being able to run the infamous rodeo test. This unit can do that test. Well worth the money, easy to use, down to the individual code level for each individual sensor in each individual sub system. If you own a Mercedes and want to diagnose your car….. By this unit you will not be disappointed.


May be slow but does everything I wanted and then some for my 2006 e500. I am fixing airmatic suspension and need this badly. Would have been way more expensive it didn’t find this scanner. Tests every phase of suspension system


Took a few minutes to figure out how to get it to auto recognize the vehicle (key needs to be in second ignition position, not the first). Once in the system, there is a lot of information in your car. Feature that attracted me to this unit was ability to toggle certain systems thru the unit: I.e. it lets you open and shut your Charcoal Cannister Valve/open shut Purge valve. I was willing to pay more than the simplest ($100) units because I wanted bidirectional control...this has that ability. Liked that this was specific to MB, and it worked great on my ML500 from 2002. I recognized some of the old codes that had been previously tripped and repaired, and it was able to help diagnosed my vacuum leak and clear the code. Paid for itself on the first use, as dealer wanted $200 to test/clear the code. My advise: don't try to upload any new software, until you are very familiar with using the unit. The software my came with did all I needed it to do: the new update risked wiping the system (would be bad).


I can't believe that can perform the suspension level calibration and rodeo on R230 SL500 2003. It works great.


I had an issue with my airmatic suspension. I was able to utilize this to go into the individual module for the suspension and test all of the different components of the system- each individual air shock, the level sensors, pump etc. Saved me A LOT of money in the long run. Ended up having to replace the compressor which was a $200 job and I was able to swap them out in 15 mins. Now the car suspension is perfect again!

Rajdeep Singh

I have a 2016 Mercedes Benz c300 4matic and I use this scanner to read the codes, it is very simple to use and I was able to clear the code less than a minute - no hassle

Andrew Stafford
All good.

Worked to reset check engine light on my 2012 Mercedes GLK350.


I want to know if this scanner works well on a Mercedes c320 4 matic 2005


I have a w211 (E550). My passenger side front seemed a little low to me. While at Mercedes for a recall I asked about it. They told me everything was fine. Didn't believe them. I scanned the car then performed a ride height test. Sure enough, it was lower than the driver side. I recalibrated the entire car, now it's great. I've test all 63 modules on my car. It's great to know what's going on with your car, instead of have to take someone's word for it.Also the update process was a piece of cake!! Thanks for a great tool!!

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